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A former dancer, Southern methodist University Graduate and all around lover of movement and problem solving. Laura is obsessed with learning how the body works and moves as a connected system. She loves that your head bone is connected to your foot bone. 


This passion was sparked by her journey to figure out how to work with her scoliosis as she aged to ensure she could keep doing the activities she loves through out her years. After all movement is life!

This intrigue lead her to begin her career in pilates with a certification from Romana's Pilates in 2013. From there, her in work Pilates studios all over New York City connected her to people who brought her work at Pilates on 66. Here her horizons were pushed farther by her colleagues, with her a certification in Feet-ness, a fitness method that brings attention to your feet as a vital missing link in your total body workout. She immediately jumped into the certification and is happy she did so, her clients are seeing the benefits.

Laura is also on her way to a certification in ELDOA, a method, that makes space in your spine and whose ideals she has fallen in love with," you are your own best (physical) therapist". She is presently a student practitioner.

With these combined learnings and a thirst for more, Laura is set on providing her clients with tools that will empower them to make the changes in their bodies that they are looking for to keep moving in a life they love

A learning enthusiast at heart, with a particular passion for the body.

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